Web Summit, Lisbon 2017 notes  -  Day 1

Andy Snuggs

November 15th, 2017  •  3 minute read

Last week, Future Kings had the privilege of going to the three day Web Summit in Lisbon along with 59,999 other startups, entrepreneurs and investors. It was an amazing few days that we thought deserved to be shared with a wider audience. So, these are our day-by-day highlights…

Ten Steps to fixing your shitty pitch — Startup University

In the Startup University (my second favourite conference area), my week started off with a great presentation from Jager McConnell from Crunchbase. Sharing with us all of the pit falls when pitching for investors, his entertaining and visual talk took us through his 10 steps to creating an awesome pitch. A great reminder for all budding start ups looking to impress investors out there.

Managing the investor/founder relationship — Startup University

Kathryn Petralia from Kabbage was one of the panelists up next. Sharing with us her candid stories of her success and mistakes, her key advice when seeking investments were three things:

Howard Morgan from First Round Capital added that investors make mistakes too. Having rejected Kathryn’s pitch previously, they are now working together. Moral of that story — you never know, you may work together in the future so don’t burn any bridges.

  1. listen to investors
  2. don’t take rejection personally
  3. learn why.

HyperGrowth! Retail — Growth Summit

Next stop after lunch was over to the Growth Summit. This proved to be such a popular stage that it was standing room only and the event had to put a screen outside for the overflow audience to listen to the panel.

Yakir Gola from GoPuff gave us his key to hyper growth. Customer experience first = make it fun, make it convenient, make it easy, make it inspiring

In Conversation. Smart investing in growth — Growth Summit

The investment landscape is changing. But what most got my attention was what Ashley Carroll from Social Capital said: “don’t underestimate the role of brand”.

Lakestar shared the difference in the VC landscape between US and Europe — according to their research, VC account for 80% of investment in the US but just 8% in Europe.

Transform or die: How beliefs can make or break your company — Startup University

Blake Irvine, CEO of GoDaddy, claims he is a product guy. But this guy understands people and how they respond to beliefs. A culture of understanding, where everyone can contribute starts from the top. Give people permission to give honest feedback and you‘’ll learn a lot. Create a vision hypothesis and take people along with you for business transformation. Put a belief at the heart and walk the talk. Promoting women in technology is Go Daddy’s mission. And in his audience, he estimated at least 40% were women.

His top tip… you really get to know someone when you spend four hours on a golf course with them. Think about it. Do they applaud your shots, do they cheat, do they greet others warmly… interesting, huh?

We’ll post up our notes from day 2 tomorrow…

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