Always Reach Higher

Ambition – To be No.1 again

PrivateFly is a successful private jet broker that was launched on a compelling technology proposition.

Over time however, their competitive advantage had been eroded. Copied by others, and with new platforms entering the market, they faced increasing competition and a lack of stand-out in their market.



We ran our Why?What?How? workshops with key members of the business to analyse and explore the market, competitors and target audiences. We also delved deep into the essence of PrivateFly, interviewing the founders and their team to find out what makes them unique.

Collaborative working was key throughout the project, so we turned their boardroom into a workshop space for the duration of the project. This enabled staff to be part of the brand development at every stage. And from here sprung the insight … it was the people that made the difference…they were all passionate aeronautical enthusiasts!

This insight helped define their Organising Idea and the Brand Building Blocks to support this.

At the end of the Create phase of the project we created a roadmap for roll out, prioritising what needed to happen and when.


With a refreshed brand identity and an updated toolkit drawing, we were ready to launch.

We started internal engagement first, organising workshops and a ‘brand day’ to engage with PrivateFly’s staff.  The office environment and livery were also overhauled.

We then launched externally, creating brand assets that included a brand video and refreshed the website experience, before engaging key partners and customers via DM and email to invite them on the journey.

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