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We regularly like to share our thoughts and insights on how founders can successfully scale their business at each stage of growth and the role of brand as a strategic tool to help achieve this.


Add a bit of Old Spice!

How a brave rebrand can reinvigorate your business. Old Spice. One man. One horse. One soap. The now iconic advert was part of Old Spice’s incredibly successful rebranding programme. But

May 24th, 2019  •  2 minute read


Investors are human too

“I’ve got this great idea to change the way we buy insurance,” exclaimed Steve. “The sector’s in the dark ages, and frankly, we just need to make it fairer and

Andy Snuggs

March 29th, 2019  •  4 minute read


The Friendly Face of Fintech

How people-centric branding has given fintech the edge. Finance is a dry topic for all but the rare few — the Financial Times readers, the investment bankers, my dad. For most of

Andy Snuggs

February 26th, 2019  •  5 minute read


Grow, don’t bloat!

Why bad branding is to blame for Henry VIII’s whopping waistline. Unless you’ve spent the vast majority of your life hiding from history books, you’re probably quite familiar with this

January 8th, 2019  •  4 minute read


Web Summit, Lisbon 2018: 5 Takeaways

Bigger and better than ever, the Web Summit in Lisbon was attended by 69,000 participants this year. With more stands, more stages, a more international presence, and better coffee, the

November 30th, 2018  •  3 minute read


Yeah, but why!?

Engaging people you didn’t invite to the branding workshop. You’ve designed your business’ brand and strategy. You’re filled with confidence, pride and enthusiasm. The flip chart is being flipped at

November 15th, 2018  •  3 minute read


Brand honesty in the age of mistrust.

Why no one’s falling for your brand purpose anymore. A few years ago there was a company with a problem. They were struggling to differentiate in a commodified market. Their offer

Jon Kerswell

September 19th, 2018  •  2 minute read

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