Aiming for growth

After years of successful mergers and acquisitions, we worked with the Punter Southall Group to develop a brand strategy that supported their commercial objectives and aligned its companies, repositioning them as an integrated financial services ‘group’.

Uniting a financial services group.

Since launching in 1988, the Punter Southall Group had expanded into many different financial services without altering its overarching brand or the acquired companies’ brands. 

Their CEO, Jonathan Punter, tasked us with developing a long-term brand strategy. It needed to align their different companies, cross-sell products and services more effectively, and differentiate them in the saturated, commodified financial services market.


Future Kings were instrumental in helping us get organised to create clarity and simplicity across our group, build a consistent experience yet allow group businesses their own personality.

Our new identity also helps us stand out from our competition as we enter the next stage of our business strategy.’

Jonathan Punter CEO, Punter Southall

our programme of work






Creating an intelligently agile brand.

We needed to identify who the Group was and what united them, so held workshops with key members of each company to better understand them and their business.

During these workshops with the team, ‘agility’ emerged as the key theme for the Group. They were driven to seek opportunities - acquiring companies, changing their services and developing products in response to market changes or client needs. The new brand needed to position around flexibility, evolving services and putting clients first.

Organising Idea

From the workshops we held with the Punter Southall senior management team and the individual business heads, we developed their Organising Idea. This singular, powerful Organising Idea brings people together, inspires innovation and drives performance. It encapsulates a fundamental truth about their business, it creates a platform for both consistency and change across their different companies.


Punter Southall Group’s single proposition was developed from the three different territories we explored with them. The proposition describes what they do and how they do it, articulating the benefits they bring to customers and their position in the market. Crucially, it supports the visual identity and the Organising Idea, purpose, vision and values work.

We also developed a proposition and tagline for each of the Group’s companies, showing how they contributed to Intelligently Agile.

Time is short. Things change. Opportunities come and go.

We’re the Punter South Group. We exist to help people and organisations seize the right opportunities. Our portfolio of companies change and adapt to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Connecting experience people, deep knowledge and perceptive thinking, we explore options, discover opportunities and find the right way forward.

Punter Southall. Intelligently agile.

Group Brand Identity

With a number of different companies aligned to deliver ‘Intelligently Agile’, we needed to create a brand system that provided a coherent, common identity in the market. The system also needed enough flexibility to enable each company to stand out in its own sector.

The graphic system was therefore developed to include an infinite number of combinations using a series of shapes: squares, circles, triangles.





Organising Idea

We used our Organising Idea framework to launch the brand, ensuring all parts of the Group were aligned and understood what ‘Intelligently Agile’ meant for them and their work.


Embed behaviours and values

  • - Employee Value Proposition
  • - Employee experience
  • - Internal communications
  • - Recognition & reward

Client Communications

Integrate brand assets for:

  • - Customers communications
  • - Digital media
  • - Website
  • - Social
  • - Advertising
Intelligently Agile


Bring the brand to life across:

  • - Physical spaces
  • - Digital spaces
  • - Internal & external

Products &

Deliver the brand through:

  • - Service standards
  • - Information delivery
  • - New product development
  • - Sector/marketing planning

Launching the new brands.

Starting with the overarching brand before developing the individual businesses, an internal engagement plan was crucial so everyone understood why the branding was changing and what this meant for them.

We began with teaser emails on behalf of Jonathan Punter, announcing the change. We then held a series of workshops with their staff, so everyone had the opportunity to get involved and shape the direction of their business. We then briefed directors and managers who became our brand champions on how to explain and answer any questions their teams may have.

We also created a brand film, which premiered at a company all staff day. During this session, we presented the new brand and the strategy behind it to everyone ensuring they were all aligned.


To ensure every person in the Group understood Intelligently Agile - and the journey the senior team went on to arrive at it - was an ongoing process. As well as sharing work at different stages with different teams, we also held workshops to gather feedback, held brand days, and created a brand video and booklet to keep momentum and maintain engagement.

Products & Services

Across a diverse group of companies, each with different products and services, ensuring the alignment of customer experience was highly important. As part of the brand building blocks to support ‘Intelligently Agile’, we developed experience principles to provide a framework for ensuring consistency across each company’s products and services.


With complex financial products to communicate to clients, we had to ensure clarity as well as standout. We developed tone of voice and style guidelines to ensure consistency of communication as well as copy that could speak clearly and in a compelling way to the target segments.


To create impact, we ensured that the places where employees and customers engaged with the Group were branded. As well as sharing the visual identity, we also used ‘Intelligently Agile’ and other elements of the Brand Building Blocks to share the depth of the new brand.

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