Web Summit, Lisbon 2017 notes  –  Day 3

Andy Snuggs

November 17th, 2017  •  2 minute read

Last week, Future Kings had the privilege of going to the three day Web Summit in Lisbon along with 59,999 other startups, entrepreneurs and investors. It was an amazing few days that we thought deserved to be shared with a wider audience. So, these are our day-by-day highlights…

A word of warning. Lisbon doesn’t come to life until midnight. After several strong coffees, I was off to Pandconf…

The Three secrets you need to know about the future of scaling your business — Pandconf (no idea why it was called that)

Brian Halligan from Hubspot revealed 3 tips for fast scale up. His candid story told how for several years they were stuck at 17 people. What he called stage 2 growth. So they did 3 things:

1. Figure their culture out — they created The Hubspot Culture Code (you can find slideshare on LinkedIn). A living, breathing document which empowers employees to create the product.

2. Mission matters — People you want are more missionary then mercenary — they work better with passion and not stress

3. Customer acquisition — scale ups forget Product Market Delight. How you sell is more important than what you sell in highly competitive markets.

Live it: creating a successful culture — Centre Stage

Creating the right culture is imperative. And you need to start at the beginning defining this advised Dustin Moskovitz (ex Facebook founder). And ex World Heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko gave us a great insight into what made him so successful. Be obsessed, with and picture your goal. Have an ego … it just means you are passionate, not a bad person!

An amazing few days in the beautiful city of Lisbon. My take outs were:

  1. So many nationalities present and everyone open and willing to share their thoughts and experiences.
  2. If you are a start up then go visit The Start Up University, Pandconf and Growth Summit — they were my favourites.
  3. Technology is effecting every sector.
  4. Al Gore’s closing speech really brought home how technology can help our climate.
  5. Lisbon was an amazing host.

And Lenny our our mascot Lion enjoyed his time there too…

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