Web Summit, Lisbon 2017 notes  – Day 2

Andy Snuggs

November 16th, 2017  •  2 minute read

Last week, Future Kings had the privilege of going to the three day Web Summit in Lisbon along with 59,999 other startups, entrepreneurs and investors. It was an amazing few days that we thought deserved to be shared with a wider audience. So, these are our day-by-day highlights…

You have got the product, here’s how you tell the world — Startup University

Probably my favourite session. With my favourite quote. Jacob Benbunan, founder of Saffron saying he doesn’t like to use the word brand. Something we have been struggling with at Future Kings … brand is so much more than the logo and typeface. The logo is just the full stop.

Nick Coronges, the CTO at R/GA succinctly put that brand is how you encapsulate your promise.

And to get the most out of your brand consultancy (sorry, but Jacob used that word), Jacob said that start ups need to let us be part of your ecosystem and start ups need to develop their brand in parallel to their business strategy. Think Minimal Viable Brand to support the Minimum Viable Product.

Completely agree with him.

Enterprise Software — Growth Summit

A brief introduction to some new software that is going to make a difference:

  • will improve employee experience says Roy Pereira
  • Christina Zoli from Beaconforce will improve internal management communication by using emotional and artificial intelligence to create enjoyable and inspiring work environments
  • Ruggero Gramatica from Yewno wants to create the knowledge economy by turning information into knowledge

Night Summit

It felt like half of Lisbon were WebSummit visitors. Many nationalities, everyone friendly, all interesting and all passionate about why they were there. As you can see from the picture, whole streets were dedicated to “summiters” getting together.

We’ll post up our notes from day 3 tomorrow…

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