Ambitious branding for growth into new markets

Artlogic is an international art technology company making the business of art more efficient.

Having just opened an office in New York, they needed a more concise and engaging brand to help them stand out and articulate their unique offer to new and existing clients across the UK and US.


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Refresh and disrupt


Artlogic approached with an ambition to become synonymous with the business of art for their website and database offer to gain wider market share across the UK and US.

We had six months to create a truly impactful brand in time for Frieze Art Fair, Los Angeles.


We began our rebranding programme with our What? Why? How? workshop to understand Artlogic’s category, company, customers and competitors. We drilled down into what they wanted to be and why, and we discovered they saw themselves as art industry leaders, using a fully integrated platform to help people in the art world organise and grow their businesses. This gave us a strong foundation to bring their brand to life.


FutureKings took us through the branding process with unfailing expertise and infinite patience. They gave us the gift of understanding who we are and what we are about in a way that we could explain to other people. Having a stronger sense of our own identity gives us a solid foundation for connecting with potential customers.

David Hooper, Co-Founder & COO, Artlogic

Align to grow


During our branding process, it became clear that what makes Artlogic unique is that they bring everything art professionals need together onto one platform. This informed their powerful Organising Idea: ‘Bringing everything together’. This phrase captures how they use their expertise to find new solutions and their technology to create a central point for all art business needs. These three words informed our strategy and design work going forward.

Using togetherness as a core concept, we created a slick, minimalist brand that emphasised Artlogic’s ability to bring order to things. We then worked with the team to develop brand values and behaviours that became the bedrock of an internal engagement programme, ensuring the wider team understood and felt inspired by the refreshed brand.


We loved working with our friends over at Artlogic. Their enthusiasm for our processes made it a brilliant experience for our whole team, from strategists to designers.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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