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EHE (Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs) combines real-world entrepreneurial experience with a business community to guide, educate and create fast growth for founders and investors. The world of investment can seem complicated and overwhelming to both entrepreneurs and investors. EHE is changing all that.

Their honest, frank, and straight-talking approach joins the dots and makes investment easier. For everyone. They help startups and fast growing businesses looking for investment, and investors looking for returns. Key to their offer is access to a likeminded community of people who’ve been there, done it, and got the T-shirt.


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Branding together


EHE Capital pivoted their business from being a Private Equity investment vehicle to an equity investment platform, driven by technology that introduces startups to investors. As part of their new direction, they also acquired tech incubator: The Startup Factory. The new EHE proposition would need to incorporate The Startup Factory without losing its own brand equity.

The challenge for us was to reposition EHE Capital as the definitive, founder-first matchmaker for extraordinary entrepreneurs to meet the right investors. We needed to define a brand and business architecture that could communicate the total offering of EHE Capital and The Startup Factory to customers, partners and stakeholders; for now and for the future.


Through our Organise for Growth programme, we worked with the founders to identify key foundations for both EHE Capital and The Startup Factory, to find common ground and unity. The Startup Factory meant EHE could offer a richer proposition to market, catering to entrepreneurs with nothing but an idea as well as established businesses looking for their next stage of growth.

The brand needed to speak frankly and honestly — with no room for fluff. This fuelled the Organising Idea: Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs. A simple and direct expansion of the brand name itself. It also has the flexibility to use other central words in place of ‘helping’, such as ‘inspiring’ or ‘growing’, to show the strength and diversity of the offer.


Leading the way

By focusing on the benefits to entrepreneurs and investors, rather than just outlining the functionality of the platform and services, EHE’s brand can connect more deeply with its audience. A personality of a straight-talker, who’s in the know, and who’s always got your back, gives EHE a distinctive voice amongst their competitors, who are dry, complex and overly technical.  The honest and no-nonsense approach of EHE cuts through and guides entrepreneurs through the hurdles of investment in a refreshing way.

To support this identity, we implemented a bold and down-to-earth typography that illustrates the meaning of its copy, allowing EHE to confidently cut through the noise. To support this, graphics, icons, and arrows signpost the most important elements of the messaging, getting straight to the point. While EHE’s brand is typography-led, strong photography focuses on portraits of the people, helping each other and working together to build businesses.


EHE is all about getting down to business, and working with its founders was no different. We loved collaborating in such a frank and forward way and made for great results, stripping down their brand to its core purpose and cutting through the noise. Because that’s what EHE does.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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