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Ledgy is an equity management platform that aligns teams behind a common goal, helping them to achieve more together. Through their software, Ledgy empowers entrepreneurs to use company equity for growth, turn employees into committed owners, and engage investors.

The world needs more ownership to promote positive change, employee engagement, and productivity. Ledgy’s mission is to democratise it — one company at a time. For companies who want to build stronger teams and achieve more together, Ledgy is the equity management platform that’s focused on delivering exactly the experience that customers need.


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Standing out from the crowd


Ledgy’s business ambition is to dominate Europe with a view to going global. Their brand would have to stand out in a highly competitive market while retaining its core audience. The challenge was to deliver a proposition that could expand to appeal to Enterprise companies without alienating their existing customers.


The brand strategy had to shine a light on what makes Ledgy different from its competitors, setting a future-proof foundation for growth. Using our Organise for Growth programme, we worked with Ledgy to define their values and ambitions, and to establish the what, why, how of their business.

Ledgy wants to democratise ownership for companies by making equity work for them. We defined their purpose of creating a world where entrepreneurship drives positive change for everyone, and distilled it into a mission to align, inspire and empower every team globally with equity.

The idea was that by nurturing individuals and unifying stronger teams, everybody can share a positive and rewarding future. Ledgy’s collaborative approach to everything they do inspired us to develop their Organising Idea: Achieve more together.

Upwards as one

Ledgy’s tone of voice needed to be humble, transparent, ambitious, and impactful. It had to inspire confidence that Ledgy truly understands its customers’ needs, can streamline their issues, and share the journey towards improvement with energy and enthusiasm. To allow Ledgy to start the conversation in the right way, their tagline had to be simple and confident: We make equity work. And Ledgy does that for everyone, everywhere, whenever they need it.

The logo is built from a collection of angled lines that represent individuals working together on an upwards trajectory - the bedrock of Ledgy’s philosophy. Developing the ‘Achieve more together’ core idea, the brand uses a single strong colour backed up by a diverse supporting palette to represent the variety of businesses and individuals. Graphic representations of the platform’s functionality, an important part of the user journey, are visually abstracted while retaining clarity so not to lose the brand’s simplicity.


We’re really pleased with the purpose and the mission we developed for Ledgy, and we were impressed with how their team came on board and really got behind the new brand strategy. That collaborative spirit drove home their new brand identity and showed us that we really can achieve more together!

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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