The start of an amazing journey

Ambition – Deliver a 5 year strategic plan

The SS Great Britain Trust is a leading charity, based in Bristol. It manages the ship, Brunel’s SS Great Britain, an award-winning visitor attraction.

Visitor numbers had experienced a downturn over the last 2 years and an ambitious 5 year strategic plan had been developed to drive growth. But they weren’t ready.

The current brand and visual identity were developed in 2005. It included limited creative guidelines, predominately focused around the use of the logo and fonts. The organisation had grown and developed considerably since then – both in size and ambition – leaving the brand unfit for purpose.



Speed was of the essence to be ready for the summer peaks. We fast tracked the brand development over a matter of weeks.

We held a series of workshops with key people from around the organisation to understand and refine the strategy. In these sessions, we also reviewed all existing research and segmentation to build a deeper understanding of the organisation, its market and its short, medium and long-term objectives.

It was fascinating. Brunel was a genius and really did change the world forever.

With this insight, we developed their Organising Idea and Brand Building Blocks and created in super fast time, new brand guidelines in time for the summer campaign.


Lots to do. Where do we start?

A lot was changing and very quickly, engaging and motivating the staff, suppliers and volunteers was a priority. By sharing the brand story with them in a series of workshops, presentations and an all staff day, we created advocates who understood exactly the part they play in delivering the organisation’s strategy.

In parallel, we began working on the brief for the summer launch. The museum environment had to be updated, from the ticket office to the restaurant. We created a campaign to promote the sensory experience people get when visiting the museum. Kids especially would be enthralled by what went on in Victorian times … and it is still here today to experience.

SSGB Black
HEX #000000
RGB R0 G0 B0
CMYK C15 M40 Y15 K100
RAL RAL: 9005

SSGB Gold (Gradient)
HEX #d7b804
RGB R216 G185 B117 - R154 G133 B85
CMYK C0 M17 Y55 K0 - C0 M17 Y55 K50
RAL RAL: 3028

HEX #d34328
RGB R211 G67 B40
CMYK C0 M90 Y100 K0
Pantone Pantone: 485
RAL RAL: 3028

Warm Grey 2
HEX #cdc3bb
RGB R205 G195 B187
CMYK C22 M21 Y25 K02
Pantone Pantone: Warm Grey 2

Cool Grey 2
HEX #d2cfcd
RGB R210 G208 B205
CMYK C21 M16 Y18 K01
Pantone Pantone: Cool Grey 2

Warm Grey 5
HEX #aea198
RGB R174 G162 B153
CMYK C32 M31 Y35 K10
Pantone Pantone: Warm Grey 5

Cool Grey 5
HEX #b3b1b1
RGB R179 G178 B177
CMYK C32 M25 Y26 K5
Pantone Pantone: Cool Grey 5

Dark Grey
HEX #373935
RGB R56 G58 B53
CMYK C67 M56 Y59 K63
Pantone Pantone: 477