Organise for Growth Programme

A programme designed to help companies create a consistent brand strategy, internally and externally, to deliver growth more effectively.

Using brand to support growth

We help management teams and business leaders achieve growth by using brand as a strategic business tool.

Scaling is both exciting and challenging, but ensuring that all people in the business are aligned around one business strategy is key to drive growth. 

We create a single business idea that underpins and drives decision making across and down through the organisation. We call this an Organising Idea.

The problems we solve

Your business has been validated. You’re ready to scale.

But managing growth is a big challenge for founding teams. The culture of a business fundamentally shifts during growth and founders can lose direct control of some aspects.

Accessing the best talent, entering new markets and building leadership skills are the new challenges*.

But inconsistency creeps in and gaps in confidence begin to appear.

This is where brand can help.

Programme benefits

Unifying values: we review your brand strategy and take it to the next level by creating an Organising Idea. It sits at the heart of the business, underpinning and unifying your vision, values and purpose.

Consistent behaviours: we encapsulate the founding team’s truth about your organisation. This establishes a platform to define and create consistent attitudes and behaviours as you scale.

One experience: by defining the total employee and customer experience from the inside out, everyone is aligned internally and externally using your brand. 

One business. One brand. One positive experience.


If you want to learn more about how our programmes could help your business, get in touch with Andy Snuggs, Managing Partner.

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