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Stronger. Together. Carifit offers a complete babywearing fitness experience for prenatal, postnatal and beyond through workouts, a carrier, digital support, nutrition and more. Through enhanced bonding, both in-person and via an online community, new parents can build positive experiences and grow stronger together.

Alongside the physical baby carrier product, Carifit deliver online health and wellbeing help via an app, with access to Carifit workouts on demand, and expert physio, medical, sleep, and mental health guidance providing 360° parenting support.


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A nurturing brand identity for a bright future


Carifit is a strong and proven business with a loyal and growing, online community of connected parents. With expansion on the horizon, the business needed to organise for growth. While the previous brand identity had served the business well, it was time to define the future of Carifit.

The next stage of growth was to scale by expanding their offer and reaching the business’ full potential. Carifit needed a brand that could accommodate its proprietary carrier, an enhanced digital experience, a new corporate offering, personal wellness support, and new prenatal and pregnancy services designed to complement the postnatal offering.

Brand evolution would broaden Carifit’s reach, inspire its growing team, motivate investors, and build on loyal foundations within its fanbase to grow a larger, engaged community. The challenge was to nurture an established brand and refine its strategy, ethos, and positioning so that Carifit could become a household name and the go-to solution for postnatal wellbeing.


Our Organise for Growth brand programme allowed us to focus on what makes Carifit unique by establishing the what, why and how of the business. The competitor audit and customer personas needed to span a diverse market, ranging from fitness communities, postnatal medical and physio support, as well as other baby carrier products. With this broad foundation we were able to build towards a robust identity that could position the brand for growth in each of those channels.

Carifit’s baby carriers, and wellbeing support, are designed to transform the lives of parents and babies through bonding and fitness. The combination of promoting physical and mental wellbeing while nurturing the strength of the connection between parent and child, drove the simple and powerful Organising Idea: Stronger. Together.


We went to FutureKings with a pretty big ask: capture the essence of Carifit, refine our key messages, transform our look and place our core mission at the heart of our brand so that we’re ready to disrupt and standout in two huge and very different markets! Carifit was my baby and the thought of someone dismantling years of organic growth and hard work was very stressful. But for a Founder it’s emotional, challenging and ultimately game-changing.

From web, to app, to packaging, to social media, and our beautiful Carifit+ carrier itself, FutureKings work is now evident everywhere and I could not be more proud - it’s another monumental leap forward for Carifit as a brand and as a business!

Vern Hill, Founder, Carifit

Unity from community

Carifit’s brand already meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people. By connecting those wide-ranging goals for fitness, parenting, and community into a real and recognisable, natal journey, Carifit was able to engage and empower its broad and diverse audience with a core essence that was both unified and truthful.

To serve a brand identity of growing together, the logo subtly represents a parent hugging their child. Showing both the emotional connection and the physical way their baby carriers work. The green palette speaks to positivity and natural growth, while a robust but playful typography delivers Carifit’s confident and friendly character. To connect truthfully with its audience, the brand uses photography that doesn’t airbrush reality, and instead shows new parents achieving positive things in Carifit’s community. Together.


We truly loved going on this journey with Carifit, communicating the powerful, parental bond their product delivers through their brand.

Carifit is all about building emotional connections and being stronger together, and that’s exactly the experience we had collaborating with their amazing team, becoming part of the community. Together we have built a brand that can take Carifit to the next level and achieve future success.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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