Building a brand with vision

Chetwood had been developing a new vision for financial services backed up by state-of-the-art technology. Founded by a former HSBC Commercial Director and a former Partner at Capco, they had great potential, but needed a clear brand identity to set themselves apart from other financial companies.


Brand strategy
Brand values
Brand identity
Employee engagement
Physical collateral
Digital brand guidelines


Granted a full banking licensein 2017

Launched two new products - LiveLend & SmartSave

£150m investment secured

Define and disrupt


Chetwood approached us to help them define and launch a disruptive identity in the financial services market that could entice new customers and motivate their team. This needed to be a parent brand capable of supporting further products in the future.


Our Organise for Scale Programme began with team workshops, using a number of different exercises to understand their background, ethos and goals, as well as their customers and competitors. We explored different positioning territories and discovered that, whilst technology was at their heart of their business, the core benefit was that they made customers’ lives easier. Chetwood planned to offer a range of products, from short-term loans to savings and mortgages, all marketed to different audiences, so we set out to develop a flexible brand architecture and creative approach that could support multiple brands.


FutureKings helped us to define our brand strategy approach for Chetwood Financial. They worked with us to establish and embed our brand principles and have brought energy and challenging ideas to the process, enabling us to create a brand that truly represents our company to our customers.

Mark Jenkinson, CTO & Co-Founder, Chetwood

Flexible for growth


Throughout our process, it became clear that Chetwood wanted to change the face of financial services. ‘Be the change’, is a simple expression of their ambition, and an empowering Organising Idea for the team.

We used this as the basis to develop the brand’s visual identity, ensuring the look also challenged financial services design conventions. Equally, with many of Chetwood’s products targeting different segments, we created a hybrid brand architecture and flexible brand system that could be adapted to other products, whilst remaining ‘recognisably’ Chetwood.

To align the new team behind the brand before launch, we then held training workshops, developed design, tone of voice and style guidelines, and created a short brand film.


We were delighted when Chetwood secured a full banking licence in 2018, especially as they were the only retail bank to do so that year. We hope their new, flexible brand system will help them get their great products out into the market.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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