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IntelliTeq is a FinTech start-up focused on simplifying complex financial processes. They initially approached us for help naming and refining the branding for their first innovative AI driven data platform. 

Originally called FindOurShare, it enables members to locate and reclaim lost accounts, pensions and investments across multiple financial sectors, but people didn’t fully understand the breadth of offering.


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Brand launch in January 2020

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Discover and define


In the UK there are over £20bn in unclaimed assets, but customers either don’t know they’ve lost their assets or are unsure how to find them. The FindOurShare platform needed a name that offered standout from the more functional competitor names and conveyed both their purpose and friendliness.


We started by conducting workshops with the senior team to get to know the platform and their ambitions. Their mission was simple: to help people reconnect with their lost assets. However, it became clear that their audience knew little about asset search tools, any many didn’t even know they had unclaimed assets to find. 

We kicked off by analysing their competitors - what they offered, how they described what they did and any thematic trends in their naming. We discovered their names broadly fell into three categories: functional names, descriptive names and abstract names. 


The journey FutureKings took us on went beyond just naming.  During the process they also helped us to better articulate our purpose to help people reconnect with lost assets, and that we are on their side. The name Gretel perfectly reflects that we want to help bring peoples’ lost assets back home.

Tom Simmonds, COO & Co-founder, Intelliteq

Name and launch

Gretel was chosen from three shortlisted options and corresponding brand visuals. As a name it’s unique and fun, with links back to the Brothers Grimm fairytale that helps describe how the platform creates a path back to people’s lost assets. It also offers differentiation from the more functional competitor propositions in the market. 

A bold colour palette and fun photography style reflect the friendliness of the platform, and we created clear brand guidelines to ensure consistency in communications as they grow.


The Intelliteq team were willing to be brave with naming and branding, making this a really exciting creative process for our whole team. The brand wouldn’t be where it is today without their openness to us bouncing bold ideas off them.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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