Building a disruptive tech brand

Invisage, known as VTFintech when they approached us, are a financial technology company creating innovative evaluation software for asset managers. 

They needed a Minimum Viable Brand that matched the power and performance of their innovative product to help them share their story with investors.


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Accepted onto Zurich's F10 Accelerator programme

Accepted onto FinTech Innovation Lab run by Accenture


Create and communicate


Invisage’s technology gives asset managers the ability to independently and objectively evaluate the value of investment research - a much needed tool in the age of MiFID-II legislation. However, they needed a strong brand to attract investors and corporate clients.


We kicked off our 12 week Minimum Viable Brand programme with our What? Why? How? workshop where we deep-dive into the business’ market, competitors and target audiences. All the information we gathered was then used as stimulus to get to the core of how the company wanted to function and be perceived.

During these and subsequent sessions, we realised we need to focus on performance and their unbiased approach in order to stand out in the market. They gave asset managers objective perspective on the value of research, which informed their identity going forward.


FutureKings were the perfect branding partners for our startup. Their professionalism and knowledge helped us to rationalise our thinking and explain who we are in terms anyone, from investor to user, could understand

Vishnu Thurpati, Founder, Invisage

Define and launch


We developed a proposition statement for Invisage that managed to strike a balance between providing an objective view of the market and aiding alpha discovery, perfectly summarised in the tagline, ‘Performance from perspective’.

Merging ‘investment’ and ‘envisage’ into one word, we created a new brand name that was both ownable and articulated their differentiator: the 360 degree market perspective they gave to asset managers.

Using our strategy work, we then developed the visual identity for the brand, focussing in on the unique perspective Invisage gave its clients. The bold brandmark is inspired by the Unicode symbol for ‘perspective’, and this is supported by the ‘tiny planet’ photography that offers a new view of familiar landscapes.


Tech companies always present a unique challenge. You have to balance ease of use and understanding with technical innovation. Invisage was no different, but the founders were perfect clients to learn from and bounce ideas off.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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