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Qorus is a global ecosystem that helps financial services companies reinvent by bringing together valuable insights, inspiring events, rich data and active worldwide communities all in one place.

Previously known as Efma, and having fallen behind the times in terms of digital relevance as a result of the COVID pandemic, we were tasked with reestablishing their brand for survival in a rapidly modernising industry.


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Reinventing for survival


Qorus facilitates reinvention for companies in the financial services industry by providing a global ecosystem connecting people, organisations, and ideas.

But when the COVID pandemic caused the industry to dramatically shift into digital, they weren’t ready and fell behind the times. They needed to reestablish their relevancy, stop a member exodus and grow a base of larger clients. The challenge was for them to do what they normally tell their clients to do: reinvent.


It was crucial to refresh and modernise the brand’s style and tone of voice to accommodate its new digital positioning on a global stage, whilst differentiating it from other companies in the same space. User experience also needed an overhaul, to make sure valuable resources could be located and understood, and to ensure that customers’ digital journeys could be properly amplified and not hit dead ends.


The onset of Covid created significant challenges for Efma - past reliance upon events and associated income plus an outdated approach in a dramatically developing digital world in addition to being seen as a European player despite operating globally. We needed to rethink our direction and branding - we turned to Future Kings for support, ideas and inspiration - we were not disappointed with the outcome!

A small, dedicated, innovative, future focused team quickly understood the challenges faced and together with Efma staff worked tirelessly to challenge the direction needed for long term success.

The result was Qorus - a modern digitally focussed association helping financial services providers reinvent themselves.

Feedback has been positive as we offer a more personalised digital approach to match members needs with a creative inspiring brand to take us to the next stage of performance. It wouldn't have been possible without FK!

John Berry, CEO, Qorus

Join the Qorus

User experience was improved by introducing tiers of viewing on the website, behind barriers such as email capture and pay walls, which kept valuable resources from leaking for free. In this way, fulfilling, relevant, and longer-term customer journeys could be forged, whilst boosting sustainability.

We worked with the client to find three core pillars, which uphold their values and their value proposition, then built their brand from those foundations. By curating insightful and innovative projects, the financial services industry can be pushed further. By increasing efficiencies, companies can move faster. And by facilitating collaboration, the industry can share, learn, and improve together.

To go further, faster, together, join the Qorus.


Working with the Qorus team in Paris and across all their global markets has been a great experience. Sometimes clients come along that really want to move their business forward and totally transform which everyone at Qorus embraced.

From naming to identity to the total brand and digital experience they were open to all our thinking along the way. The key to unlocking the new Qorus brand was the Organising Idea of 'Further. Faster. Together'. Once we had that in place everything else flowed from it.

Thanks to the team for trusting us and we hope they can now go forwards and help their members transform as powerfully as they have. Join the Qorus!

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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