Building a brand for new audiences

February offer a no-code app building tool. They enable businesses of any size to easily develop and design feature rich apps online in a few clicks.

Having successfully attracted a number of small businesses and entrepreneurs, February wanted to focus on growing their business by targeting SME-sized clients.


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Brand identity
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Launched to market February 2023


Creating a brand that means business


February had created a powerful, but easy to use online app building tool. Thanks to its simplicity it was successful with small businesses, but there was now an opportunity to show larger businesses how February could build more complicated apps with features such as messaging, user authentication and payments. The team wanted to create a brand that would help them appeal to larger clients and showcase their latest capabilities.


In our discovery session with the team we built a detailed picture of their business and culture, their target customers and the competitive landscape. As well as the rich, user-friendly app builder, we discovered that the personal support, guidance and expertise offered by February was not only valued by clients, but distinctive from their competitors. It was a truly empowering experience for their clients — one that helped them to take their business forward.


Working through the FK process, guided every step of the way by their team, was invaluable to us as we considered how to position our products to our wide range of customers - it really gave us focus, got us aligned, and the branding looks sharp and professional. Just what we needed.

Ash Lewis, Founder, February

Speaking the customer’s language

Attracting larger businesses meant talking their language and clearly sharing the commercial benefits that February offered. We centred the new brand positioning around using great digital customer experiences to meet business goals, and our messaging focused on showing how February helps businesses to reach more customers and boost revenues.

The visual identity work used learnings from our customer experience mapping exercise to target key brand moments for customers. We knew where the brand had to work hardest, and ensured that these opportunities presented customers with memorable and distinctive branding. The typeface was selected to ensure numbers and stats were clearly presented, and a colour palette that challenged industry norms helped achieve standout from competitors. Photography shows people interacting with technology, helping to show February’s human side.


It's been exciting to work with the team from February on a fresh, new business with a great new product. It's always a pleasure working with a talented team with something truly powerful to bring to market. We're really pleased with the results and how distinctive and bold the new branding is in their category. The core idea around helping boosting businesses forward by making apps easier to build and launch puts the emphasise on the end benefit to their customers rather than only focussing on technical features as the competitors all do. We hope we've helped them create a powerful brand for their future success and boost their own business forward too.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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