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Nuvias Unified Communications were creating a new brand: an online multi-tiered marketplace which would allow the easy purchase and fulfilment of Xaas products.

They needed our help to define their brand architecture and navigate potential tensions with existing vendors, and to create a brand identity quickly to coincide with the launch of a new partner.


Brand architecture
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Brand launch in August 2020

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Connect and create


A key challenge for the senior team was deciding how much brand equity the new company should share with Nuvias UC, as although the services would be different, some clients (and their competitors) would be shared. We therefore needed to explore how different brand architectures would impact business growth.


As this brief came in during lockdown 2020, we used remote working solutions to conduct our workshops with the senior team. During these sessions, it became clear that they saw themselves as enablers, helping businesses move forward and make connections. We also realised that in order to align itself with the XaaS technology sector and to avoid conflict of interest with Nuvias UC’s vendors, it needed to be a standalone brand - distinctive but able to communicate their inherited expertise.


In a short time frame, FutureKings enabled us to define and develop a division brand that completely encompassed what we’re trying to achieve. Alongside this, they acted as trusted advisors, helping our senior team build out the detail of our business strategy. The end result is fantastic, and Konekt is a brand that the whole business is proud to be associated with.

Amy Newton, Head of Marketing, Nuvias UC

Stand alone to stand out

We developed three prototype brands for three shortlisted naming options. Konekt was chosen for its clarity, dynamic visual identity and the way it captured their intention to disrupt the market.

As the team had chosen to build a standalone brand, we were tasked with developing a bold and entirely unique brand identity for Konekt in time for the launch of their new partner. By taking the K from the name, we connected to K's together and created a symbol that shows two arrows pointing at a shared central pillar, articulating visually their role to make connections. We then developed a unique messaging style to complement the design and help articulate their proposition.


Brand architecture provides a roadmap for building a brand so it’s important to get it right. We explored options carefully with Nuvias UC to determine where leveraging their existing brand equity would benefit them. Ultimately, a standalone brand offered them the chance to be truly different and disruptive.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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