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As the global pandemic accelerated the uptake of remote working, and with ways of working rapidly changing, Steve Harris and Rob Smith saw an opportunity to supply premium home and office workspace solutions to both executives and businesses alike. Combining enterprise-quality technology with ergonomic furniture and supportive wellbeing content, the team aimed to disrupt the market with new levels of convenience and flexibility.


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Launched to market September 2021. 


Work and workspaces


The founders wanted to develop a business that simplified setting up workspaces in homes and offices by delivering and installing them in a few simple clicks. It was our task to find a unique position in the market and develop a brand identity that could help them launch their business and secure their first customers.


Having worked with the team to create their previous business, Konekt, we were able to jump into our What? Why? How? workshop with ease. During this session, we identified their key ambition: to resuscitate connectivity in a screen based world by creating immersive and high-functioning workspaces. Following this, we developed segment personas, giving us a behaviour-based view of their audiences so we could target messaging - this was especially important because they offered specific B2B and B2C solutions. We also analysed their competitors, building an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and where the opportunities were. 

Taking all that we learnt from the workshop, we created three brand propositions, each representing a distinct ‘position’ they could take in the market: Simplicity, Performance or Human Connectivity. It became clear that they should lead with the ‘Performance’ messaging, helping businesses optimise their productivity with premium technology and furniture, while maintaining some of the human messaging around bringing people closer together. This then gave us a launching pad for the brand name development.


Having worked with FutureKings before, we’ve built up great rapport and I trust their expertise in creating standout and successful brands. Podia - it’s name, look and messaging - is everything I could’ve hoped for for the new business.

Steve Harris, Founder, Podia

Set up and go

With ‘Performance’ as our guiding principle, we created a shortlist of names and took them through to the visual identity phase of the project. We developed three brand identity prototypes. The first was bright and human. The second, paired back monochrome imagery balanced with friendly messaging. But the third, Podia, was the clear winner, dialling up the premium element with stylistic imagery and graphics.

Podia’s brand is centred around the benefit of the workspaces: it provides a ‘podium’ from which users can interact effectively with the world and do their best work. The brandmark itself is based on a podium, and the identity is built to match the modular nature of the products. It’s paired with a flexible and dynamic workspace pattern graphic that shows how each workspace, no matter the size, fits seamlessly with the wider ecosystem. A rich and contemporary colour palette is applied in a modern way, and typography is simple and clear to reinforce ease of use. Finally, the brand messaging works with the brand name to emphasise the idea of stepping up and reach new levels of productivity.

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The best projects are the ones where everyone across our FK team and the client’s works closely together, and that was the case with Podia. It was great fun to work with Steve and Rob again and we’re really proud of where we got to. Podia really is 'next level’.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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