Get organised for growth.

We help scaleup founders succeed through consistent, focused growth using brand as a strategic business tool.

Scaling up is both exciting and challenging for many founders, but ensuring that all people in the business are aligned around one business strategy is key to drive growth. 

We create a single, business wide idea that underpins and drives decision making across and down through the organisation. We call this an Organising Idea.

Scaleup brand programme

Gaps in founder confidence to deliver their vision.

96% Agree their vision and purpose is key to create the right culture.
35% Are concerned the challenge is not being met.
97% Agreed a clearly defined brand is crucial.
32% Are concerned their brand did not reflect their ambition.
95% Agree consistent brand marketing is imperative.
32% Claimed poor to no consistency.
75% Concerned about employing the right people.
33% Are not confident they’re recruiting the right people.

The problems we solve.

Your startup has been validated. You’re ready to scale.

But managing growth is a big challenge for founding teams. The culture of a business fundamentally shifts during growth and founders can lose direct control of some aspects.

Accessing the best talent, entering new markets and building leadership skills are the new challenges*.

But inconsistency creeps in and gaps in confidence begin to appear.

This is where brand can help.

*ScaleUp Institute Review 2018

Scaleup brand programme

Align with a powerful Organising Idea.

We review your brand strategy and take it to the next level by creating an Organising Idea. It sits at the heart of the business, underpinning and unifying your vision, values and purpose.

An Organising Idea encapsulates the founding teams’ truth about your organisation. It establishes a platform to define and manage attitudes and behaviours as you scale. 

By defining the total employee and customer experience from the inside out, it gets everyone aligned internally and externally using your brand. 

Crucially, it also helps get investors excited about your real potential because they can see a clear vision and story behind the business.


Embed behaviours and values

  • - Employee Value Proposition
  • - Employee experience
  • - Internal communications
  • - Recognition & reward

Client Communications

Integrate brand assets for:

  • - Customers communications
  • - Digital media
  • - Website
  • - Social
  • - Advertising
Organising Idea


Bring the brand to life across:

  • - Physical spaces
  • - Digital spaces
  • - Internal & external

Products &

Deliver the brand through:

  • - Service standards
  • - Information delivery
  • - New product development
  • - Sector/marketing planning

Scaleup programme

Our Organising for Scale Programme

Our 18 week Organising For Scale Programme is a collaborative series of workshops. 

During the first 8 weeks we focus on unifying the founding team, working closely together to clarify your vision and purpose, and re-align your brand strategy to reflect your scaling ambitions.

The final 10 weeks is when, together, we review your brand expression to properly reflect the next stage of your business growth. Our proven processes are designed to challenge your ambition as a team and to create a brand that can drive the business to reach what you aspire to be.

The 18 week programme will equate to approximately 8-10 days of your time.

Our rebranding project had a significant positive impact on the performance of our team, the engagement of our shareholders and ultimately it strengthened our desirability for the transaction process.

Carol Cork Co-Founder and CMO, PrivateFly
Week 1

Ways of working, contracts, diary dates.

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Insight Development.

1) Past, Present, Future : understanding your business status.

2) Market Context - who are your customers, who are your competitors, cultural trends.

Week 5
What? Why? How? Workshop.

Explore team thoughts and ambitions

Week 6
Week 7
Territory Development.

Exploring your potential brand positioning for scaleup.

Week 8
Single Territory.

Articulating your idea in one functional proposition and inspiration boards.

Week 9
Week 10

Step? Jump? Leap? Workshop

Exploring approaches to your OI, brand expression and identity.

Week 11
Research 1.

Customer research groups for creative feedback.

Week 12
Week 13

Refine with research feedback the creative expression and OI.

Week 14
Research 2.

Internal and customer research on final route.

Week 15

Refine and final creative sign off.

Week 16
Week 17

Final version of creative brand assets, Organising Idea and Brand Building Blocks.

Week 18

Sign-off of full guidelines and prioritisation for ACTIVATE.

scaleup programme

Create, then Activate

At the end of the 18 weeks we will have created your new Organising Idea, your story, your Brand Building Blocks and your new brand expression, plus a full set of brand guidelines to bring consistency to your business.

Now we activate them and embed into your business.

We prioritise and plan how the Organising Idea and revised brand expression can be embedded – firstly through your people and, secondly, through your customers and influencers.

Thanks Future Kings. You took us through the branding process with unfailing expertise and infinite patience.

We learned a lot through being your clients and working with you was interesting and often great fun. You gave us the gift of knowing who we are and what we are about in a way we can explain to other people. It is a solid foundation for connecting with other people about what we offer, our ethos and how our work is transforming the art industry.

David Hooper COO & Co-Founder, Artlogic

Scaleup programme

Shared risk, shared success.

Like you, we’re disrupting our industry. So we want to find new ways of sharing risk and success with founding teams.

We want to be part of your journey. For us that means being closely involved with your business and its potential, sharing the risks and the rewards. So, we offer different ways to do this.


What’s Next

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Programme costs

Option 1: Fee only

Our Organising For Scale Programme typically costs £70,000, payable 50% upfront and 50% on completion. This excludes basic research group costs.

Option 2: Part fee, part equity

We offer an option to defer part of our fee if you are planning to seek investment in the next 6 months. 50% fee now and 50% deferred until investment is raised in return for a small percentage of equity.

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