M&A Alignment Programme

A programme to help merging companies align and create one, coherent brand to deliver their business strategy.

Aligning and defining

Bringing together existing organisations, whether merging or acquiring, is one of the most fundamental opportunities to use brand as an effective tool to solve a number of challenges.

Our specifically designed M&A programme focusses on working collaboratively to find the common, competitive ground for your organisation.

Working together, we’ll create a powerful Organising Idea and brand identity to bring it to life, aligning leaders and all employees behind a single brand.


Feedback from the brand launch has been nothing short of sensational to be honest. Probably the most telling feedback was from one of our senior team who admitted he was sceptical of the rebrand - but was converted! Nothing but positive feedback from all and everyone’s very excited about the future of Optio.

Kevin Hastings, Group CEO, Optio

Problems we solve

A surprising 20% of deals fail to achieve their revenue targets* according to a Deloitte survey. And it’s no surprise when bringing together different cultures, reputations and existing brand identities is a complex task. Too often it results in confusion, inconsistency and disengagement.

Our programme helps merging teams align, finding common ground to create a brand that expresses their business strategy.

The result is a coherent brand that engages employees and inspires customers.

Programme benefits

Collaboration: our experts and your teams work hand in hand throughout the process. This can be done remotely using virtual meeting and collaboration tools to ensure everyone is involved.

Alignment: the process, and the outcome, help align your teams from leadership through to all employees, and then to your customers. 

Engagement: the Organising Idea will help drive your decision-making, and serve to ensure your teams across the organisation are engaged and empowered.


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