Making it real for investors.

Too many startups miss out on investment opportunities by not having an easy to understand, compelling story.

That’s why we launched Future Kings Ventures. To give you the advantage.

We use brand as a strategic business tool to bring your business strategy to life, align founders’ thinking and get investors as excited as you are. We help you win by defining your story, your brand, creating your investor website and investor deck.

Our Minimum Viable Brand Programme (MVB) gives you everything you need to make an impression and get funding. Fast.

It’s your ambitious idea made real.

Startup brand programme

I see lots of investor decks, often the story is unclear, what exactly are the founders creating? Future Kings make it really clear and compelling to help investors understand whether this is something they want to get involved with.

Andres Gratte VC & Investor

The problems we solve.

There were a record 660,000 new startups launched in 2017. Investors see 1,000s of founders each year. It’s extremely competitive out there.

Our job is to make you stand out.

Make a compelling first impression.

Only 5% of business plans are read beyond the executive summary*.

Get investment quicker.

51%** of founders state access to funding is the biggest obstacle to growth.

Focus on building the business.

38%** of startups say seeking investors is a distraction from the business.

Get the right investor onboard.

Not all investors are equal, and 37%** of startups worry about finding the right ones.

* 1000Ventures.Com
** EY FastGrowth Tracker, December 2018


How it works

You win, we win.

Finding the funds to develop a succinct and sophisticated brand is difficult at pre-funding.

Our unique model means you defer payment to us until funding is achieved in return for 3% equity of your business. So, you can benefit from our proven brand methodologies, risk-free.

Our programme costs £40,000 and gives you everything you need, and nothing your don’t. And with MVB you don’t have to pay a penny until you achieve funding.

By sharing the risk, we’re 100% committed to using our expertise in brand strategy, design, copywriting and digital to achieve your ambition.


Our minimum viable brand programme

Our 12 week MVB Programme is a collaborative series of workshops. The first 6 weeks focus on aligning the founder team ambitions, creating your story and your core proposition. The final 6 weeks bring your idea to life, creating your brand expression and investment collateral.

This equates to around 6 or 7 days of your time over the 12 week programme.

We have been blown away by the work Future Kings have done. The thinking and creativity was brilliant and fun, but also so different. Just absolute class and something we’d never have considered. We finally know what we are about and getting traction immediately with investors and new business.

Chris Smith CEO & Founder, 21:32
Week 1

Contracts, deliverables, meeting dates, ways of working and insight share.

Week 2
Insight development

Understanding you and your startup.

Week 3
What? Why? How? workshop.

Discovering what makes you unique.

Week 4
Week 5
Territory development.

Exploring three territories that you could use to take your idea to investors.

Week 6
Proposition development.

Articulating your idea in one functional proposition and inspiration moodboards.

Week 7
Week 8
Creative exploration.

Exploring approaches to your brand identity.

Week 9
Creative refinement.

Refining your Minimum Viable Brand.

Week 10
Week 11
Asset development.

Developing the branded collateral you need.

Week 12

Supplying final versions of collateral for you to take to investors.

Week 12+
Beyond the 12 weeks.

Supply any additional deliverables. Ongoing investment support and check-ins.

what's next

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We offer 12 places per year for startups to join our programme. Read our 5 key criteria for ensuring we are a good fit for each other – if this sounds like you, let’s work together to secure your investment.

Apply for the MVB Programme

Selection criteria

  1. You are a (tech) startup with an innovative solution to a sector problem.
  2. You have a business model with a realistic commercial plan.
  3. You are a UK business.
  4. You have started to (or are about to) seek investment.
  5. You are looking to raise £500k+ of equity investment.

Who we've worked with.

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Launching a gaming revolution.

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