From zero to £2m PMV 
in 12 weeks

It was a Tuesday evening. It was sunny. We had a beer each and were waiting for the speakers to start at Silicon Pond event for startups.

That’s how we first met Anders and Alec, founders of Sapphire Gaming. It was an early stage concept, in the process of being built.

4 months later it was valued at £2.8m PMV.

A revolutionary idea 
for gaming

Serial investor Anders and entrepreneur Alec, had been developing a new concept in slot gaming. Despite the market growth in online slots and digital gambling, slot games had hardly changed in the last five years. They were all still 3×5 or 4×5 reelsets – same look, same themes, same features. That wasn’t real innovation.

They recognised that operators needed the better games on their platforms to stand out if they’re going to acquire, retain and monetise players. They needed something new that will set their platform apart.

MVB Programme kick off

Aligning the 
founders’ vision

We kicked off our 12 week MVB programme by getting together with 
Anders, Alec and other members of their team. They shared with us their 
key competition, who were the target customers (platforms) and consumers (gamers). We also looked at the key market trends and brought this all together as stimulus for the What?Why?How? workshop.

We got the founding team to share and discuss their thoughts about their vision and began to align their thinking. Taking this feedback away, we began to create their proposition, firstly exploring the potential narratives their business could use and then refining this down to a single proposition. This was the launch point for creating their brand expression.

‘Play the revolution’ proposition was born. They loved it!


We are Sapphire.

We’re artists, techies, risk-takers and rule-breakers, dedicated to creating slot games that players really want to play.

We captivate by combining revolutionary gaming tools with smart maths and stunning graphics. The unique games we build are targeted at different players using insightful data and collaborative relationships with our partners.

Always moving forward, testing and experimenting, we’re discovering better ways to entertain, engage and reward.

Sapphire Gaming

Play the revolution

Investor website

Giving Sapphire Gaming an online presence

Along with developing the identity, we designed and built a website integral to explaining the business and seeking new investment. We also provided assets for social media and ensured the brand was consistent across all channels.


Using the brand toolkit, we created an engaging investor deck amongst other assets. Their first game was ready to go and a platform was ready to distribute their pipeline of games being developed.


I really enjoyed the programme, going on a journey with Anders and the team to get ourselves focused and to see our brand expression start to come to life from beginning to end. The team at Future Kings listened, considered and then inspired us with their response at each stage. It has even influenced how we develop the product expression too.

Alec Horley
 Co-Founder, Sapphire Gaming

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