Launching a ‘Search as a Service’ fintech startup

KiteEdge are a technology company that build products to centralise search within organisations for unbiased content discovery.

They asked us to help build their Minimum Viable Brand in order to win investment for team expansion and product beta testing.


Brand strategy
Brand identity
Physical collateral

Digital brand guidelines


Finalist in MassChallenge FinTech 2020 Cohort in Boston

Approached in 2020 by leading investment bank to trial and invest


Position and connect


KiteEdge needed a Minimum Viable Brand to attract investors and raise capital to expand their technology team, build partnerships with professional institutions and to beta test their products.


We began our 12 week Minimum Viable Brand programme with our What? Why? How? workshop to better understand KiteEdge’s market, products and business vision. This session was focused on understanding the Cognitive Ontology movement and deciphering the jargon behind it. We realised that in order to attract customers who may never have encountered AI technology like theirs, we needed to be able to articulate the benefits of KiteEdge’s platform clearly and simply. We set out to create an engaging brand position and accessible identity.


The cognitive ontology movement is still fairly new so there’s a certain amount of education that’s necessary when approaching clients and potential investors. FutureKings gave us the tools to communicate what we do clearly and effectively.

James Flavin, CEO, KiteEdge

Simplify and share

During our workshops, we pinpointed exactly what KiteEdge offers businesses: they seamlessly leverage a company's existing knowledge assets for greater outcomes and return on investment. Consequently, we devised ‘Turn knowledge into advantage’ as their tagline because it perfectly sums up their offer. 

For design, we updated their brandmark so it felt more direct, added a positive lime green to their colour palette and changed their hero imagery to aerial photography, reflecting how KiteEdge give customers are overview of their data and allow them to find key information easily.

We created brand guidelines, including a confident, clear and concise tone of voice and messaging style to help KiteEdge explain their business to investors who may not understand Cognitive Ontology.

Underground advertising, billboard

KiteEdge’s main challenge was communicating their complex technology to people who’d never heard of it. We therefore developed a lexicon, messaging style and tone of voice for the business that made their tech easy to understand.

Steven Anderson
Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, FutureKings

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